A source of energy

October 27th 2018
In professional and family life, there are people who tend to impose themselves without even realizing how this attitude wears them out. And, for their part, those who always have someone on their back ordering them to ‘do this, don’t do that’ also find that this is very tiresome. They would be able to bear it better if they knew the methods that would enable them to transform these emissive currents. How can you do this? By consciously adopting a passive attitude: by not reacting outwardly, but by working through thought, to the point you feel in your solar plexus that these raw energies the other person is spilling on to you are becoming a flow of constructive and vitalizing energy. Learning to endure is an art. Why do you think women live longer than men? Because men always need to impose themselves. Whereas women are more used to putting up with things and often, even unconsciously, they become stronger thanks to their passive attitude.