Circle with a central point, the

Symbol of spirit which gives, and of matter which receives

October 31st 2018
The circle and its central point is a very important symbol with deep meaning. Whatever the size of the circle and its circumference, the circle’s centre is always limited to one central point. Why is that? Because the circumference is the symbol of matter which holds in and absorbs beings and things, while the centre represents spirit which radiates and projects outwardly. Spirit neither accumulates nor keeps anything – that is why it is symbolized by a tiny dot. While the circle on the other hand, is vast – it receives and contains the wealth of spirit. You might say, ‘So then, spirit loses everything.’ No, since it lives at the centre of the matter which received its wealth, it loses nothing. This law also applies to beings who really know how to give. Those who give lose nothing, for they then live in all those who benefitted from their gifts – their spirit is in them. This is why all those who believe they gained something from others are in reality inhabited by those from whom they received: it is they who manifest in them.