We truly only get what we deserve

November 4th 2018
In society it is possible to succeed by dishonest means; all you need to do is shout the loudest, be cunning, and eliminate others, and so on. In the spiritual world however, success is achieved only through real work on yourself, with constant and sincere efforts. It is only when you have mastered your instincts, your desires, and all your lower tendencies that you can succeed with others, act as an authority for them, and command the forces of nature as well. In any case, you must have no illusions about those material successes gained through intrigue or violence, because they do not last. In fact, Cosmic Intelligence has established a law according to which humans can receive only what they deserve, and this is a universal law. The spirits of the invisible world, the forces of nature who know what you do, who know what you are worthy and capable of, arrange things so that sooner or later you have exactly what you deserve.