Divine law

All humans carry it within them

November 6th 2018
Although a person may say, ‘I believe in God’, sometimes we can see no positive effects of this faith. How is it that God manifests in such a weak, useless and ineffectual way in this person? If God brings them so little, why should they bother to believe in him! We can then understand the position of atheists: when they see the poor results that faith produces in so many believers, they conclude that it is just as good to manage without God. What good is it to celebrate a God of justice and love, and to pray for the coming of his kingdom on earth if, at the same time, we consider it normal to continue to live in egoism, hate and conflict? In reality, divine law is inscribed within all human beings. But very few who have begun an inner work succeed in dissipating the darkness of their psychic lives or are able to read this law every day in their hearts.