Pride and vanity

The ways in which they manifest

November 7th 2018
What is the difference between pride and vanity? Vanity shows itself kind and generous; it goes everywhere so that it may be seen, it does good so that it may be noticed, it is helpful so that it may be appreciated. But while others may benefit from it, it often tires out those who manifest it – physically, financially, and psychically. Pride, on the other hand, wants to be appreciated and respected without doing anything for anyone else. Satisfied with the good opinion they have of themselves, they do not go and parade themselves to the world, they want the world to come to them and discover them. And when they find that people neither respect them nor approve of them, that they are not seen as a superior being, they close up and become morose. With people who are vain there is at least some light; it may be somewhat hazy, but at least they are doing something to make it shine. People who are driven by pride are gloomy, dark, without any light. They are under the influence of Saturn whereas the vain are more under the influence of Jupiter. So now, as yourself the question: are you rather vain or proud?