Since we cannot escape them, we should reinforce ourselves to better confront them

November 8th 2018
You cannot escape or bypass divine laws. That is why it is useless to consult astrologers, as some do, to be warned of accidents or illnesses to which they will be exposed. Whatever you do, you cannot avoid anything: you cannot escape fate with tricks. The only thing you can do is work to reinforce yourself so as to better put up with the hardships when they arrive. Let’s say that your horoscope indicates that a serious disease is coming. Well, by leading a reasonable life, by purifying and reinforcing your body, you prepare the weapons to fight it off. You will not be able to avoid this disease, but the day it breaks out, you will be able to minimize its ravages. This law applies in every domain: the efforts you make to reinforce and purify yourself will always enable you to face hardships in the best conditions.