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Attract light beings or dark entities

November 10th 2018
If you leave a bit of food around in a room, right away certain insects will appear. If it is a little honey or jam, you will have wasps and flies. If it is cheese, you will have mice. How do these various insects and animals sense from afar that there is something there for them? And to make them disappear, all you have to do is to clean. These well-known details of everyday life help you to better understand certain phenomena of the psychic life. When people entertain certain thoughts, or certain desires or feelings that are neither luminous nor pure, right away entities which like these impurities arrive and make their home in them in order to feed off such impurities. In what state will such people who attract dark entities feel? But if they purify themselves, if they begin to live reasonably, the entities move out, light spirits take their place, and peace and joy will prevail. Very few people know how to read the book of living nature. You will say that these are only small details; yes, but their applications in the psychic life are boundless.