Silence, inner

A state in which we place ourselves under the influence of spirit

November 15th 2018
When a person speaks, it shows that they want to take the initiative, to direct, and even to dominate. On the contrary, by remaining silent, a person indicates they are ready to listen and to receive what another says to them. Considered from a psychological point of view, silence is therefore the distinctive feature of the feminine principle, which receives, submits to, and is shaped by the masculine principle. What conclusion can you draw from this for your spiritual life? That you should learn to re-establish silence within you, so that the divine Spirit, the masculine principle, may work on your psychic matter. As long as you are rebellious, stubborn, and anarchic, spirit cannot act on you, and you remain weak and miserable. No sooner do you manage to create silence than you place yourselves under the influence of spirit, and it will work wonders within you.