Subconscious, the

Venturing into it requires proper instruction and equipment

November 20th 2018
Venturing into the subconscious is as dangerous as diving into the depths of the ocean, because monsters swarm there as well, ready to devour those imprudent enough to descend without proper instruction or equipment. You may say, ‘But where do we go to get equipped and to receive instruction?’ Only in a region that is above consciousness and self-consciousness: in the superconsciousness, in the divine consciousness. Before diving into your subconscious without danger, you must elevate yourself to the higher regions of your consciousness, in order to acquire knowledge of the structure of these obscure regions and the nature of the entities which live in them. And it is here as well that you can develop a powerful will and a luminous aura which will allow you to descend without danger into the depths. The monsters which inhabit them will withdraw only if they see that you are well instructed and well armed.