Changes in society

Begin with changes in each individual

November 21st 2018
Whatever the failings of a society, it is not advisable to solve them with violence. Some people may say, ‘But when everything needs to be changed, violence is necessary.’ No, and first of all we must never confuse change with upheaval. It is never by means of violence that true change can be realized. In fact, it has often been observed that violence always brings about greater evils than those it claims to cure. In truth, making change in society is the responsibility of every one of us. No matter how highly placed or powerful, no single person can proclaim, ‘From now on there will no longer be any injustice, nor crime, nor poverty, and so on.’ If someone attempts to do so, the results will not be long-lasting. Whether for good or for evil, no one has ever succeeded in affecting permanent change. True change can occur only when individuals decide to begin to transform themselves, for then each person becomes a valuable and constructive agent for all.