Book of nature, the

The conditions necessary for it to open before you

November 23rd 2018
Every day nature is a book that lies open before your eyes, and from it you can learn the wonders of eternal wisdom engraved by the Creator in each stone, in each flower and in each star. If your eyes are not able to see or your ears to hear, this is because you are too busy with useless and even harmful activities. You may say, ‘But these activities please us.’ Yes, but everything that pleases you is not always good for your evolution. When you decide to sacrifice some unhealthy pleasures, you will release wonderful energies: your eyes and ears will open, and the book of nature will reveal itself to you. When you are faced with certain problems in life, you say, ‘Why can’t I solve them? Other people can but not I!’ It is simply because you still look for inferior pleasures, which undermine your energy. That is why there is none left for your inner ears and eyes. Release these energies so that they may awaken your spiritual centres on higher levels.