Sensitivity and sentimentality

The first is the expression of one’s higher nature, and the second, of one’s lower nature

November 28th 2018
It is important to know the difference between true sensitivity and unhealthy sensitivity, which is more touchiness or sentimentality. True sensitivity is a spiritual faculty that allows us to ascend very high and have access to a subtler world. Sentimentality on the other hand is an expression of the lower nature – that part in humans, which, wanting to be the centre of the universe, always finds that people do not pay enough attention to it and feels frustrated and hurt, and becomes aggressive. When we realize this distinction, we understand that there is great work to be done on our lower nature, and that this is the only way true sensitivity can open up and enrich itself. Sensitivity is not only the faculty to be moved and filled with wonder in front of those we love, the beauty of nature or works of art. True sensitivity opens the doors of immensity for us, the doors of light; it gives us the understanding of the divine order of things, it allows us to vibrate in unison with regions, beings and currents from heaven.