Justice within us

From which we cannot escape

November 29th 2018
Even though there are law courts and judges, true justice is not really something that happens outside of us. Absolute justice, divine justice is within us, because our thoughts, our feelings, our actions – everything – is recorded within us and we cannot escape the consequences of these recordings. When someone is brewing up some dubious scheme in private, behind closed doors, they may think, ‘No one can see what I’m doing, so no one will condemn my actions.’ Well, they are mistaken, because in reality everything is being recorded on a kind of magnetic tape that cannot be erased. They have to live with these recordings. This justice within them, forever watching them and judging them, is far more dreadful than any courts on earth. Try, therefore, to do good things, even if you are at home by yourself, because these good things will be recorded. God is often depicted as an eye inside a triangle. This is a way of saying that God has installed in human beings devices that see and record everything, and that they cannot escape this inner judgement.