Light beings

How to ensure they recognize you

December 2nd 2018
Imagine someone who visits a foreign country and proclaims, ‘Gather together, call out the fanfares, pay me tribute, I will explain the reason of my visit.’ People would laugh at them, and perhaps even shut them up somewhere; they will not acknowledge somebody who appears in this way in their own name. But now take for example, an ambassador – sent by a country and representing a state – even if they are small, weak and sickly, they are welcomed with great honours: fanfares play, soldiers parade, everyone bows before them, paying tribute, through this person, to the country they represent. The same thing applies to every human being in relation to the light beings of the invisible world. If someone presents themselves on their own authority without having anything on them that commends them to their attention, without anything greater and more significant to show than themselves, they will not be recognized. But if they bear signs of conformity with the divine order, the light beings will recognize heaven through this person, greet them and give a reception in their honour.