Inner lands, our

The ones we should visit and the ones we should avoid

December 7th 2018
On earth we can find all kinds of regions: some wooded, flowery and fertile, where we can take a walk feeling fully secure and filled with wonder; and others , which are deserts, swamps or jungles infested with wild animals and poisonous creatures, where it is dangerous to stay. You of course know all this, but what you do not know is that these same regions exist also within ourselves. Within us, we also have deserts and fertile plains, jungles and peaceful gardens, swampy ground where we can sink in, and other firm land where we can walk safely. To know geography, geology and agriculture can be useful, but it is even more important to know our inner lands and learn how to avoid some and enter others, to look after them and cultivate them. It is good to know how to travel on rivers and oceans, or to go climbing to the summits of mountains, but it is even better to know how to control our inner storms and whirlwinds, and train ourselves to climb to the summits of spiritual mountains.