Seek it out before acting

December 9th 2018
Before throwing yourself into a project, whatever it may be, try to rise high into the world of light and ask what you are to do. The reply will come to you in the form of a thought, a feeling, an image, or a symbolic figure. If the reply is clear, the way forward is clear and you can act on it. But if you feel hesitant, confused or ambiguous, it is because you are not yet ready for the enterprise or there are obstacles blocking your path. So, put it off to the next day and ask the question again, and do nothing until the path ahead is free and clear. Your heart and your intellect are screens on which beings of the invisible world project their replies to the questions you ask. So, before making a decision, observe your screens, and if the images they reflect to you are obscure, do not take any action. The spirits of wisdom work constantly throughout the world. Instead of deciding to realize your own project at any cost, therefore, ask these beings whether heaven, which knows exactly what you need, might not have better plans in mind for you.