What they can receive from fire

December 10th 2018
Of the four elements, fire is surely the one that exerts the greatest power of fascination over human beings. When they see dancing flames, they instinctively hold their hands out to them as if they feel there is something they can receive. Why? You may say it is nature that impels them to act this way. Yes, of course, but there is a deeper reason for this impulse. We have centres at the ends of our fingers that are very sensitive on account of the great many sensitive receptors they contain. It has even been observed that people’s sensitivity can be measured, among other things, by the small mound at the tips of their fingers. So when we stretch out our hands toward the fire, the sensitive centres in our fingertips are activated: they sense heat as well as other subtle elements, and transmit them to our body. So, not only is our body warmed, but our solar plexus is influenced in a positive way.