Being able to expect nothing from others

December 11th 2018
Human beings are quite extraordinary: they want to be free and independent, but at the same time they always expect something from others. They never stop asking that others think of them, love them, help them, or do their work for them. This is so contradictory. If you truly want to be free you must start by not relying on the help of others. Everyone has their worries and problems, and so not surprisingly people think of you one day, but forget you the next. And even if the entire world were ready to help you, you would still be dissatisfied. Why? Because others cannot give you what you really need. You must work to acquire it. What you really need is to become more reasonable, stronger, more patient and more enlightened – this is how you will become freer. And it is only you, through your own efforts, who can achieve this.