While always being attentive to helping others

December 12th 2018
Those who speak without reflection, without weighing their words, are like children who enjoy playing with matches: they light fires everywhere they go. Then they regret what they said and try to apologize, but it is too late. And soon, all that is left is a pile of ashes. This is how, without wishing to, we help the dark forces in their destructive enterprises. Humans are never sufficiently conscious of the damage they do through their speech. If we had to seek the origin of misunderstandings, disagreements, and conflicts in society and on earth, we would note that in the majority of cases it is the spoken word: someone uttered some nonsense without any real purpose in mind, for the pleasure of talking, or to appear interesting or cleverer than others, or to put other people down. From now on, therefore, try to watch what you say. When you have to speak, do it to improve the lives of those to whom you are listening, to enlighten their minds, warm their hearts, and especially to direct their will in the service of a high ideal.