Human dignity

Becoming the tabernacle of the eternal

December 13th 2018
You sometimes hear people talk about someone as having lost their human dignity, or someone else who was able to keep their dignity. The concept of dignity is not always clear to many people – it is often confused with pride or arrogance. No, our true human dignity is about respecting everything God has given us – our physical body first of all, but also our heart, our intellect, our soul and our spirit. As disciples of a spiritual Teaching you must get the idea firmly fixed in your mind that you are a temple, a tabernacle of the Eternal which only pure food, pure thoughts, words, and feelings of light must enter or leave. If you do not watch what enters or leaves you, if you give in to any emotion or feeling that comes along, you cannot keep your true human dignity. Becoming a tabernacle of the Eternal requires great discipline and a demanding nature with respect to yourself.