Happiness, the condition for


December 15th 2018
For the majority of people, happiness is linked to love, and they are right. Only, if they wait to be loved, they will never be truly happy because they are relying on things that are too uncertain. At one time or another they will be loved, but who knows what will happen at a later time. Do not rely on the love of others. When it comes, welcome it, but it is best not to put all your hopes on it. This is why I tell you that if you want to be happy, do not ask to be loved. Instead, make sure you yourself love, night and day. You may well, one day, receive great love. Of course, why not? It may come one day, but do not wait for it. Let me tell you how you would solve this problem if you are wise: you would rely only on your own love. You would love and be happy, happy and free.