A flame we must sustain

December 21st 2018
A flame is so weak that it takes only a breath to put it out. But if you nourish it, it can become a real inferno, and the same breath that threatened it before, will on the contrary, intensify it so that nothing will ever be able to resist it. The flame is a symbol of spirit within us. If you do not feed the flame of spirit within you, it will go out at the least difficulty. We see many people who let the flame of spirit go out in them in this way, and who consequently become discouraged and surrender at the slightest obstacle. As for those who have learnt to intensify the power of spirit within themselves thanks to prayer, meditation and contemplation, not only are obstacles not a barrier for them but they become an encouragement to go even further with even more fervour. Thus the very difficulties that overwhelm the weak, strengthen those who sustain the flame of spirit.