Image of god, the

Must be defended in human beings

December 26th 2018
I speak, I repeat myself, I insist, I return over and over to the same questions. This is not to say that I am unaware of the difficulties you encounter on the path: that of seeking the perfection of the heavenly Father, which is obviously very challenging, and almost unattainable. And yet, since God, our Father, created us in his image, he gave us all the means to achieve this perfection. I have no wish to defend any religion. I do not even wish to defend God, since he has no need to be defended. Do you really imagine that human beings, even if there are billions of them, can do anything on this speck of dust called earth that could truly upset him? What are they compared to in the immensity of the universe, with its myriad beings, angels, archangels, and divinities? It is human beings I wish to defend and encourage. Yes, human beings, because their life will never truly have meaning until they discover the image of God within themselves and work to bring it to life.