Can only be obtained if we first know how to overcome obstacles

December 28th 2018
You must wish for harmony and peace, which are among the most precious of all possessions. But at the same time, do not forget that you can only attain harmony and peace if you have first encountered difficulties and obstacles. It is important to understand that those who encounter harmony and peace without having previously learned to overcome obstacles are preparing lives of weakness and disorder for themselves, because they believe they can afford to slip into comfort and laziness. True harmony and peace are rewards given only to those who have succeeded in conquering these weaknesses by manifesting qualities of endurance, kindness and sacrifice. They have learned to transform everything, to improve and make use of everything, and then, even if they are subjected to hardships and suffer, they are untroubled, and they do not cause others to suffer. Thanks to their sustained work, they have managed to establish a relationship and to exchange with the light beings in the invisible world. It is at this point that they have attained true peace and harmony.