Its fluctuations must not discourage us

October 19th 2011
Quite unexpectedly, it can happen that you suddenly feel flooded with light, that all of a sudden you are being projected upward, all the way to your higher self. You are dazzled by this beauty and immensity, and it feels as though from this moment on nothing could bring you down from these heights. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last. You have to pick up the threads of your everyday life, with its same worries, its same temptations, its same weaknesses. You feel cut off from your higher self, like a fragment cast aside, rejected. Some time later, you again feel enlightened, illumined, but once again it doesn’t last long, and you begin to feel discouraged. No, you must not allow yourself to be discouraged by the fluctuations in your consciousness. If you persevere in your spiritual work, one day, after all the highs and lows, the light that comes to visit you will no longer leave you. You will have crossed to the other shore, and you will be saved forever.