Or the quest for that which is unreachable

December 31st 2018
Seeking happiness is like running after a ball and kicking it away as soon as you catch it. Why do we do this? To be able to go on running after it. For running after it stimulates us. It is in this endeavour to reach the goal that we find happiness. Therefore, when you have a desire, do not rush to satisfy it, because it is the desire itself that uplifts you and fulfils you. Try to understand this law and make sure that the desires with which you fill your heart and soul can never be realized, because it is these desires that will make you live. Yes, this is the secret. Why ask for something that can be realized in a few months or a few years? Seek what is furthest away and most unachievable – perfection, immensity, eternity, and on the way you will find all the rest: knowledge, riches, strength, love, and so on. You will receive all of these without even asking for them. 75 P