Army of good, the

In which we must enlist

January 6th 2019
It is the role of heavenly beings to fight against evil, not that of humans who don't have the stature, the ability or the methods to do so. All those who imagined they were strong enough to go to war against evil have been brought down, because evil is an extremely powerful cosmic force. However, evil is mistakenly seen as being as powerful as the forces of good, and the devil as an entity strong enough to stand up to God forever. But human beings don't have the capacity to overpower this entity. When some brave people think they have been given the mission to eradicate all the evil in the world, they underestimate the dangers to which they are exposed. However, this is not a reason to remain inactive until the heavenly entities come to slay what the book of Revelation calls the dragon. Every day, while progressing on the path of light, we can strengthen the army of the good, the army of the sons and daughters of God, so as to hasten its victory. When this army is large enough, the entities of darkness will be defeated. If they still exert their destructive activity, it is because humans' greed and inferior desires continue to feed them.