Heavenly father and the divine mother, the

Our true parents

January 7th 2019
The heavenly father and the divine mother, his wife, Nature, are our true parents. Those who don't perceive Nature as their divine Mother, cannot have a true connection with their heavenly Father. It is essential for us to realize that above, not only do we have a Father but also a Mother, because our life, just like that of the universe, does not only originate in the expression of the masculine principle, but also in that of the feminine principle. We have two parents in heaven. We must accept this truth knowing that life will not give in to the ignorance and prejudice of human beings. Because life knows how to protect itself and asks us, 'Why do you seek to maim me by removing one of my two principles that together are the very reason I am life? However, each time I will regain the upper hand.' A religion first and foremost teaches us about life, all life, without discarding or separating anything.