Point of view, the

We have on things has a magical effect

October 20th 2011
Some people will always see the good side of any situation, while others, on the contrary, see only the negative aspect. In a way, both are right, but their way of seeing things affects them differently. From an objective point of view, we can say a glass is half full or half empty; it doesn’t matter. But from a subjective point of view, from the point of view of the effect produced on our consciousness – we could also say from the perspective of magic – there is a big difference. And it is precisely this magical side that is most important. If you constantly see what is missing, what is defective, you will become more and more cantankerous, bitter and discouraged, because this is what happens when you focus on what is lacking. Obviously, there are things you lack, but that is not the point. The point is to work with everything you have – which is immense, if only you would recognize it – so that you continue to advance on the path of evolution.