Concentrating our forces will bring us salvation

January 8th 2019
The first requirement for salvation is vigilance. Never let doubt and confusion take hold of you. At the first sign of threat, instead of becoming dispersed, go higher! Take refuge in your inner sanctum, call on the spirit of God, and ask for advice, for it is he who will give you weapons. Even at the height of the storm, if part of you is able to remain on high, no enemy will be able to harm you. Why is aviation such a formidable weapon in times of war? Because the attacks come from above. On the spiritual plane, the precautions we must take and the methods we must use are very similar to those used on the physical plane. When an enemy approaches, the forces don't disperse; they band together and go higher. You too must concentrate your forces. And in doing so, you will rise up. Reflect and ask yourself how many times you have been shoved and manhandled for having stayed below in a state of dispersion.