Divine perfection

Even if unattainable, it must remain our ideal

January 10th 2019
All human beings, whatever their level of evolution, are called upon to progress again and again. If they don't make any effort, it is very often because they imagine the path is closed to them. But it might in fact be open. They must try their hand at various experiences to know what they are capable of. Even if they are not able to go very far, they must keep in mind that divine perfection is the goal of their life on earth. Divine perfection is of course an inaccessible ideal, but they must strive to attain it so as to build their future. They will then be able to master the disparate thoughts, feelings and desires pulling them in all directions and weakening them, and direct them, according to their own intentions, in their pursuit of regeneration. Every day there is much science to master, discipline to accept, and effort to be made. And that's what is so wonderful: we are in continual movement, making progress and rising upwards. The whole meaning of life is contained in this pursuit of divine perfection.