See everything as if for the first time

And everything will appear new to you

January 12th 2019
So many people think they are highly intelligent and well informed! When you hear them talk, they have already seen everything, experienced everything, they know everything and they look upon everything around them superficially. This is why they learn almost nothing new and they become blasé. But if they were to try to see everything as if they were seeing it for the first time, not only would they truly learn something new, they would also experience new joys. When you breathe, you eat and you drink, do so as if for the first time, and everything will appear succulent to you. Act in the same way with the people around you: your husband, your wife, your children, and your friends. You might say that it will require a large amount of auto-suggestion to rediscover someone in whom you have already lost interest. That is true, but if you persevere, if you really search, this ability for suggestion will enable you to discover another reality.