Keep moving forward

So you don't regress

January 13th 2019
Life is perpetual movement. This is why human beings must always be in motion and always look ahead. Those who refuse to move forward regress. They lose the memory of the divine imprint engraved in them and return to the unconscious state of stone which is nothing but sleeping consciousness. Despite their human appearance, so many people are, like stones, incapable of getting themselves moving – they have to be continually pushed to get them to shift. They should at least make the effort to leave the mineral kingdom to become plants and grow. Later, like animals, they will learn to move. It is a great ability to be able to look for food, to escape danger, and take cover from bad weather without outside intervention. The day humans develop the same capacities on the psychic plane, they will make great progress. But they have yet to truly reach the human kingdom, that is to say the world of spirit, in order to become masters of their destiny.