Spirit, the

Has its say in everything

January 14th 2019
Humans too often seek nourishment in what is not essential. They spend the good part of their time in occupations which bring nothing to their spirit, and they justify themselves by claiming that their daily life, their responsibilities, their family, their work, and society force them into activities in which the spirit cannot partake. This is not true, for the spirit can have its say anywhere. In order to always keep sight of what is essential, we must organize our life around this centre, the spirit, the spark which lives within us. As such, all our activities and even our distractions will contribute to nourishing life in us. The spirit dwelling in humans does not reject their liver, their intestines or their feet under the pretext that their work is not as noble. Everything has its own place and serves the spirit. But the moment this unifying and governing force is missing from the centre, all the elements start to disperse, and death – spiritual death – ensues.