Punishment, no

Is inflicted by god

January 21st 2019
Why is it that so many members of the clergy depict God as a ruthless judge who punishes humans for the slightest transgression they make? In reality, God does not administer punishment, but the universe he created is based on laws, and these laws also govern human beings and their physical life, as well as their psychic and spiritual life. It is these laws that are strict, and those who do not respect them expose themselves to punishment. And as a result, this punishment may even spread down to their children. Take a well-known example – that of alcoholism. Alcohol abuse is detrimental not only to the physical and mental health of those who overindulge, but also to that of their children. The same is true for all other kinds of overindulgence and transgression. This is how divine Justice manifests in order to make humans aware of their responsibilities.