Of our lower nature

January 22nd 2019
One way or another, every problem we have to solve in life and each of our decisions and experiences brings up the question of what we must sacrifice in order to live a rich and beautiful life. But most humans, not having understood what sacrifice is, see it as deprivation and loss, and there are indeed unnecessary sacrifices which can thus be seen as losses. Know that making sacrifices, in the spiritual sense of the word, is not about sacrificing yourself, but to let something useless or harmful die within you, in order to receive something great, powerful and precious in return. If you do not sacrifice something inferior in you in favour of fostering something superior, you will no doubt sacrifice what is best in you to the benefit of the most unrefined instincts. It is impossible to escape this law that dictates that your higher nature can only live if you sacrifice your lower nature in favour of it. What life is for one means death for the other. True sacrifice is to give up your limited, weak and poor self so as to live in your divine self.