Angelic hierarchies

Through which we connect to god

January 23rd 2019
Christian tradition, following on from Jewish tradition, teaches the existence of nine angelic orders. From bottom to top, these are the angels, the archangels, the principalities, the virtues, the powers, the dominions, the thrones, the Cherubim, and the Seraphim. The Cabbalah names them cherubim, bnei-elohim, elohim, malakhim, seraphim, hashmalim, aralim, ophanim, and hayoth hakadesch. Each of these angelic orders is an aspect of divine power and virtues. Even if we cannot picture them, it is easier to create an idea of them and to relate to the divine world if we pronounce their names rather than simply pronouncing the word 'God'. It is important for your spiritual development to know that these angelic hierarchies exist, for they are like beacons along your path to the summit. Try to familiarize yourself with them and invoke them in order to rise up in prayer and meditation to the throne of God. Then, think that through them you bring the blessings of heaven down to earth.