It promotes the crystallization of our inner states

January 29th 2019
Hypnosis acts on a person's subconscious by immersing them in a state similar to sleep. Once in this kind of trance, they carry out the orders they are given – something they may not do in a conscious state. We can also infer that by placing an image of our desire in our subconscious, we will be able to achieve that desire more quickly. Here is a method that will help you in your spiritual work. If you would like to cultivate a specific quality or virtue, just before falling asleep start by focusing on this quality and meditate on the goal you want to achieve with it: during your sleep, the power of your subconscious will help materialize your desire. If I insist so often on the importance of the state in which you fall asleep every night, it is because sleep favours the crystallization of all your inner states. You must learn to fall asleep with the best thoughts and desires, because this helps manifest them.