First place and last place

All ranking is relative

February 2nd 2019
Humans naturally tend to rank things, whether it is intelligence, talent, strength, dexterity, beauty, wealth and so on. Everywhere, something always comes first and something else comes last. But these ratings are very relative. When considering a limited number of individuals, we can talk about someone being first and someone else being last; but when considering life as an endless and unbroken chain, how can we identify what comes first and what comes last? Similarly, if we were to compare life to a turning wheel, the first position becomes the last position and vice versa. And who comes first in a family: the father, the mother or the child? In terms of age, the child comes last, but in terms of importance it comes first because their father and mother dedicate their full attention to it. Or take for example those who come first when it comes to being wise, smart or educated: they come last when it comes to physical strength, and vice versa. This is the nature of things – those who come first in one area come last in another. So you can all be happy knowing that you come first in some domain or another.