Christ, the

Merges with beings who are ready to receive it

February 3rd 2019
The Christ is a cosmic principle, a principle that can manifest in those who are prepared to receive it. But humans, however exceptional they may be, cannot be Christ, they cannot be the incarnation of God himself. The Christ has never taken a physical body, will never do so, and is unable to become a human being. The Christ only enters the souls and spirits ready to receive it and become one with it. This is how the Christ merged with all the great spiritual Masters we know of in humanity, and also with many others that we don't know. Christ remains a spirit. And Jesus, like all the other initiates, had a long road to travel before the spirit of Christ descended into him. If he was called Jesus Christ, it is not because he was Christ, but because he received the Christ. And if he received the Christ, it was because he had the highest consciousness of God's presence within him. It is therefore this consciousness that humans must develop until they melt into the Divine so they can one day say, like Jesus, 'The Father and I are one'.