Visible world, the

Is real, but it is not the whole reality

February 5th 2019
What do we really know about human beings? We can describe their physical body and touch them, but it is impossible to describe or touch the entity that formed their body or that dwells within them and gives them life. Think of someone's body lying on the ground, they are visible and you can touch them, but they are dead: something invisible has left them – that 'something' that made them walk, talk, love and think. You can place beside them all the food and treasures in the world and say, 'This is for you, all of it, my old friend, enjoy it!' That will not change anything, they won't budge. At first sight, the world around us – the world that we can see, touch and measure – appears to be the only reality there is. But although it is real, it is not the whole reality. It is only the concrete and material manifestation of an invisible world of forces, currents and entities. Our five senses do not give us access to the true reality.