Settling them by rising on high

February 11th 2019
When birds see danger approaching, they fly away. You should do the same: when you feel threatened, fly away and rise up so high that, at least within yourselves, you will be safe from all forms of aggression. This is the advice wisdom gives. But if humans find it so difficult to follow, it is because they tend to obey the law of action and reaction. When they are hurt, they retaliate and take revenge, and often even doubly so. Problems cannot be solved this way. When you see the way some people act, you wonder if they really want to solve the problem and find ways to live in harmony. You might even say they find confronting others amusing over time: they test their strength, they score points or they lose some, and then try to score some more. This fight tires them out, but they find that natural. Natural for them maybe, but not in the eyes of divine wisdom that advises us to settle conflicts by rising on high.