Ties, the

A child in the other world maintains with their parents

February 12th 2019
A child's father and mother are like building contractors that have been commissioned to build a house for a soul. They are responsible only for the construction of this house and the materials used to build it – they have no power over the child's soul itself: they don't know where it comes from and it will also leave without them knowing when or where. The loss of a child is a terrible ordeal for parents, I know, and many have come to me seeking advice and comfort. Rebellion does not change anything and can even increase their suffering. If they were good, loving and attentive parents, they will leave magnificent imprints on their child. Their child's soul, having left, will be eternally grateful and will never forget them. It will come from the invisible world to comfort them and bring them presents of tenderness and light, and continue to live beside them.