Stability and security

Are only found up on the causal plane

February 13th 2019
If you remain on the astral plane, the region of feelings and emotions, you will never find the inner stability and security you seek. In this region, the climate and the weather conditions constantly change: one moment the sun is shining and you are happy; the next, it is cloudy and you become sad. One moment you love, and moments later something happens and you don't love anymore. And the mental plane, the world of thought, is no more stable: just how often do you change your mind based on events or what you believe to be of interest to you. You can only encounter disappointment and make mistakes. To move on solid and stable ground, you must change planes, that is to say, leave the astral and mental planes – the feelings and thoughts of your lower nature – and rise up to the causal plane. Since you will always have a heart and intellect – feelings and thoughts – you will always have something to do on the astral and mental planes. But you must set up your home on the floor above – on the causal plane. For that is where you will receive the light for you to face all situations.