Physical body, our

The best instrument for our evolution

February 17th 2019
Human beings keep saying that 'the flesh is weak' in order to justify not being able to resist temptation. But in fact, the flesh, our body, is neutral: it is just the intermediary through which we can realize our thoughts, feelings and desires. Not only does it not oblige us to make mistakes or go to extremes, but thanks to it we can undertake magnificent work; in fact, it is the best instrument we have for our evolution. Cosmic Intelligence has placed inside us all the instruments we need in order to vibrate in unison with heavenly order and harmony. There are temples, churches and cathedrals, places that have been consecrated as dwelling places of the Divine. But no sacred building can be compared to a purified, enlightened, and sanctified human body. It is this body that must become a temple. But how much time will it take for humans to accept at least this idea? By continually placing their bodies in the service of their own desires, they turn it into a den of animals, and then it is obviously not the Lord who will come to dwell there, but inferior and undesirable entities who really appreciate this company.