Meaning of life, the

Seek out the moments that reveal it to us

February 20th 2019
When you read a book, listen to music, or contemplate a painting or the marvels of nature, you may suddenly feel you grasped a truth that transforms your way of seeing things. This revelation can last until the next day, the day after, and even much longer, because through this book, music, painting or these sights of nature, your spirit rose on high and grasped meaning. It is like an element of eternity that entered you. Of course, occasionally having a moment of inspiration, receiving light or giving meaning to your life does not suffice; you must learn to make this moment last for it to become a permanent state of consciousness that purifies, brings order and restores everything in you. Even if it is impossible to escape the hardships and torments in everyday life, it is possible to maintain this meaning within you, and even use the difficulties and torments you face to strengthen it.