Religious and scientific communities

Must find common ground

February 25th 2019
We often hear certain well-known scientists express indignation because humans have not yet rid themselves of what they call irrational beliefs. And even more so since they must admit that after a period of materialism and scientism, more and more people are once again turning to religion, spirituality or mysticism. And this tendency sometimes takes completely confused, nonsensical or insane forms, like fanaticism. Religious authorities of course find this disturbing and feel totally overwhelmed by these new trends they are unable to control. But they are responsible for this situation: for so long they were more preoccupied with spreading the domination of their community, their 'chapel', than with responding to the real needs of souls and spirits. The responsibility also lies with scientists and the limitations of their materialistic philosophy. Rather than complaining or getting angry about a situation they themselves played a part in creating, both groups should instead come together and see how they can change it.