Representation of our implacable mother, nature

October 25th 2011
On the sephirotic Tree, the left pillar – the pillar of severity – represents the feminine principle in creation, and at the top of this pillar we find the sephirah Binah, where God manifests under the name of Jehovah. This is the terrible God who revealed himself to Moses. The entire Old Testament resounds with his anger, his threats and the curses that were to strike down humans until the fourth generation. You are wondering how this terrible God can be a feminine power. It is because this feminine power represents nature. You will understand this idea better if you reflect on what nature really is: an implacable mother. Nature created laws, and if you transgress them you will be penalized one way or another, and as a consequence this punishment will be meted out even to your children and grandchildren. Take one well-known example: alcoholism. Those who drink alcohol to excess not only damage their physical and psychological health, they also pass down a heavy inheritance to their descendants. It is the same with other excesses, other transgressions. There, now, that’s clear.