Ideas, the

Living beings endowed with great powers

March 3rd 2019
Life has meaning only to those who place themselves in service of a great idea: beauty, peace, justice, brotherhood, and so on. An idea is a living being that works on them: it shapes them and models them to the point that one day, they come to embody something of this world of perfection in their way of thinking and acting. Since an idea is a living being, it is endowed with specific qualities. So, the moment you work for it, you benefit from its wealth. Even if you have only one idea, despite all your weak points, this idea that lives in the kingdom of light puts you in contact with all its friends and introduces you to other beings and other regions on high. We must understand the magical nature of the concept of an idea because what is true of the power of ideas inspired by good is also true of the power of ideas inspired by evil. That is why you must be lucid and vigilant before accepting an idea and deciding to implement it.