Inner doors and windows

Know how to close them

March 4th 2019
Thanks to certain texts you read or people you meet, you begin to discover the wealth of the spiritual life. It is only natural to feel the need to share your discovery with others. Yet, try to be careful and reserved. For you must work for a long time to strengthen your convictions and aspirations. If you start to tell others that you have finally found the path of light and that you are determined to follow it and so on, you will set up obstacles for yourself and provoke responses. It is better not to reveal your aspirations until they have begun to materialize. Look after them out of sight and nurture them with your best thoughts and feelings. A house has doors and windows, and just as it is useful to be able to open them, it is also useful to be able to close them. When we close them, it is generally to protect us from the cold and from noise, dust, or intruders. In the spiritual life too, you must know how to close certain doors and windows to protect yourselves.